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Otto Wanders
2 min readNov 26, 2021


Weekly Report CW47

Today I’ve met an inspiring man in the middle of 60. A friend arranged this meeting to scout a new location. When the man came with his bike, I immediately realized he had beautiful energy. You know, this twinkle in the eyes kind of people. We had a great time of about two hours. And we are going to do a project together soon. It inspired me a lot to see someone in the middle of sixty, who already had built a few businesses and just went into a new chapter of his life. He had these “entrepreneurial eyes.”

A first press article for WOP

It’s great to see how this project takes more and more a tangible form. It’s all in German, but you can go and translate the site. I’m happy to see this on 20min.ch — It’s the most read paper in Switzerland.


The crowdfunding is almost at the end. The funding still takes place, and it’s exciting to see if we will hit the goal. No matter if or not: We are going to follow through on this mission.

The Five Friday Questions (CW47)

I end every week with a Friday Report and five questions, as we implemented it at OnSaPa GmbH to keep a consistent feedback relation.

What was good?

  • I had a great meeting with a friend and an inspiring person
  • I made progress on the script for an animation video (4 sign-offs today)
  • Created a new way of contracting long-term for OnSaPa Partners
  • Collected all data for this year’s accounting
  • I went to plentii.ch meetup—great people, great visions
  • Made an OnYou-Discovery
  • Added four new NFTs to https://foundation.app/ottinzky and https://makersplace.com/ottinzky
  • Wrote, designed, and sent out 2500 direct mailings for actionpainting

What to look at in the future?

  • I have to check in with myself. I feel like losing my memory.

What was shitty?

  • I missed one morning the 5 am. I went up and then slept while sitting for another hour.
  • I can’t remember all the things I do. There are so many things…

What should stay as it is?

  • Progress everywhere.

What was neglected?

  • Nothing this week

I will be back next week with new updates.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!



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