Final Sprint before Q2

Otto Wanders
2 min readMar 21, 2022


Weekly Report CW12

What kind of progress have you made in the first quarter of 2022? Do you track your goals? Are your goals aligned to a bigger vision? It’s the final sprint before the second quarter starts.

It looks like the best OKRs quarter after working with it for two years. I started to print out every week a few “weekly highlights” that I measure every Monday morning. They contribute to achieving the quarterly OKRs. These weekly highlights helped to hit goal after goal, which feels very satisfying.

This week, I will have two OKRs sessions with OnSaPa partners. We measure their achievements and set new goals for the second quarter. After that, I zoom out with my company and set new goals to move everything ahead. So this is the last weekly post on medium for this quarter. I’m not sure if I’m coming back here, but if, then it will be April 4.

The Five Weekly Questions

I end every week with a Friday Report and five questions, as we implemented it at OnSaPa GmbH to keep a consistent feedback relation.

What was good?

  • 3x sound design, wrapped up all three NFTs for collab
  • Achieved 1.0 on multiple KeyResults last week, e.g., WIM Landing Page
  • Achieved a 0.93 weekly highlights score
  • A client published a long format ad video with my motion design part
  • That my stakeholders work with animatics before final production
  • Wrapped up the Gallery-Venture plan within OnVentures
  • Received promising applications from potential employees
  • Best revenue month for my OnSaPa partner
  • Published an advertisement for one of my products

What to look at in the future?

  • Always make a contract before you do work.
  • Change work-desk and chair.

What was shitty?

  • I missed 5 am on Wednesday went too late to bed.

What should stay as it is?

  • Hitting goal after goal

What was neglected?

  • Freelance mini reel to get new motion jobs in Q2

Enjoy a fantastic ending to this quarter!