How great is life without a buddy?

A two years celebration artwork by ottinzky

Climbing the ladder together

Describe your mission

What is OnSaPa™ doing?

Why writing things down?

The Five Friday Questions (CW18)

What was good?

  • I had a dispute with a partner that flourished into something better
  • Went ahead on the mission drafts of both OnSaPa partners
  • The new pricing model for OnSaPa is crafted
  • Added OnSaPa client’s to discord
  • Turned bank accounts and all transactions into categories
  • Got invited on a new NFT-Platform:
  • Minted an NFT on foundation
  • Making friends with artists in the NFT-Space

What to look at in the future?

  • Check if OnSaPa-Consulting works in cohort/groups
  • Building a knowledge base for OnSaPa
  • Clarifying the StrategyGuide’s sections with examples
  • Get rid of some of the 31 domains I own

What was shitty?

  • Endless search for app’s to automatize and categorize bank transactions
  • 3D-product still not done: Zerolens has lots of tiny problems with their beta, but their support is nice.

What should stay as it is?

  • Consistency

What was neglected?

  • nothing




I love to help people achieve more ✨

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Otto Wanders

Otto Wanders

I love to help people achieve more ✨

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