In Good Hands Today

Imagine a world, where people only keep things that they use regularly, and if they don't, they pass it ahead. WOP creates a balance between "too much" and "too less."

Crowdfunding makes it possible.

Entering a New Playground: WYSIWYG

Ottinzky back on the computer — Artworks with TouchDesigner

The Five Friday Questions (CW43)

What was good?

  • Achieved the WOP crowdfunding goal of ~6k within 16 hours
  • After just two days, the WOP crowdfunding is now at~33% (stretch goal)
  • I'm happy the doctor let me recover my bone without stopping exercising
  • I bought some nice clothes and I finally cut my long hair to donate it
  • I see progress everywhere right now. This feels good
  • Created the first website version in just two days
  • Asked all customers of to give their feedback
  • A lot of great feedback came in for
  • The new time management system works like a charm

What to look at in the future?

  • Shift focus to the new venture as planned for November/December
  • Tidy up physical folders
  • Take more time for these Friday Reports
  • Find out a way to bring knowledge to the world (internet)

What was shitty?

  • Nothing.

What should stay as it is?

  • I like how the performance rhythm kicks in 🚀
  • Going up at 5 am, reading & note-taking to learn.

What was neglected?

  • Nothing.




I love to help people achieve more ✨

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Otto Wanders

Otto Wanders

I love to help people achieve more ✨

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