Life is Boring Folks becomes alive: Dropping The Boring Folks soon!

The Boring Folks

Set 3 is on its way:

Boring Texture: Foods — Almond
Wanna know when these NFTs drop? Check out

Don’t suffer from Boring Moments—Create!

Don’t pitch your idea.

The Five Friday Questions (CW23)

What was good?

  • WHY-Discovery with my brother on Monday was nice.
  • Finished the 2nd NFCreatures set for The Boring Folks
  • Started a new style I really like for the next creatures
  • Launched the website draft for
  • Delivered two special creatures for an art exhibition
  • Making progress on location scouting for the Kulturbügel association
  • Updated the concept for the Kulturbügel association
  • Read and understood the concept of the book “The Mom Test.”
  • Surprised by the calculations for an upcoming app development
  • Great conversation with the Tax Accountant (saving some money)
  • Created the promotion steps for the 500 Artworks Drop on Makersplace
  • After a month, 5 am is now very easy to go out of bed.

What to look at in the future?

  • Set clear goals next week for weekly Check-Ins at OnSaPa
    -> use Tim’s Template
  • Create the promotion video for the 500 Artworks Drop

What was shitty?

  • A very soft body «collapse» on Thursday afternoon (WTF happened?!)
  • No progress with agencies for joining a design team
  • No revenues this week

What should stay as it is?

  • Productivity
  • Living in balance with my WHY

What was neglected?

  • I think I could have done more on the NFCreatures-website




I love to help people achieve more ✨

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Otto Wanders

Otto Wanders

I love to help people achieve more ✨

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