Purpose or Passion?

“I only want to do, what I love.”

The Five Weekly Questions

What was good?

  • NFT side-by-side collab work with Originalplan was great
  • Created a Business Plan template for OnSaPa partners
  • I finished up a freelance project
  • Started to map out the GAL Business within OnVentures
  • I had two Long-Time-No-See-Check-ins with entrepreneur friends

What to look at in the future?

  • Create OnSpeed-Templates with a table of contents
  • Share free methods to achieve more on OnSaPa

What was shitty?

  • I’m stuck in the drive backup process
  • Weekly highlights score below 0.5
  • New debts / I had to take a flash-loan
  • An investment was postponed, and therefore my payout
  • A potential job canceled

What should stay as it is?

  • Keep measuring with your systems to stay on speed

What was neglected?

  • A few follow-ups
  • Contract work




I love to help people achieve more ✨

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Otto Wanders

Otto Wanders

I love to help people achieve more ✨

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