Otto Wanders
1 min readFeb 14, 2022


Weekly Report CW7

This one is only for the records. Looking forward to sharing new insights next week 🚀

What was good?

  • Accomplished 0.9 on my Weekly Highlights
  • Great KickOff Meeting with WOP and Liip
  • Received good feedback that my consultancy added up value
  • I had a fantastic visit at a friend’s new and first office
  • OnVentures takes shape, in about 3–4 weeks, our prototype is ready
  • Changed the statutes of my association to boost performance at the yearly meeting
  • Added the WOP StrategyGuide to a miro-board
  • I’ve finished up all contracts for flat subletting
  • Reinstalled and fixed Alessia’s system & data to get rid of iCloud
  • Introduced NFTs to newcomers via discord
  • I finally had the opportunity to talk to a friend after a long break. I’m happy he’s ok.

What to look at in the future?

  • Do OSP OnSpeed in the morning. I’ve used it to finish up two highlights 🤫
  • Use miro for collaborative layouts (e.g., OnePager)
  • Too much money in assets, get some liquidity back

What was shitty?

  • I fell asleep last Wednesday afternoon after a fully energized morning

What should stay as it is?

  • Print out weekly highlights, having them next to my computer screen

What was neglected?

  • The event contract for April isn’t ready yet.

I will be back next week with new updates.

Enjoy a fantastic start to this week!