Three weeks of vacation

  • First I share some inspirational knowledge.
  • Then I go into my Friday Report about the week.

Brand Names that make you SMILE.

  • Suggestive: Evokes something about your brand
  • Memorable: Resonates with your audience
  • Imagery: Aids memory through advocative visuals
  • Legs: Lends itself to a theme for extended mileage
  • Emotional: Moves people
  • Spelling Challenged: Looks like a typo
  • CopyCat: Is similar to competitors’ names
  • Restrictive: Limits future growth
  • Annoying: Seems forced, frustrates customers
  • Tame: Fells flat, descriptive, uninspired
  • Curse of knowledge: Makes sense only to insiders
  • Hard to pronounce: Not obvious or is unapproachable

Don’t invent everything yourself.

74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music by Dennis DeSantis

The StrategyGuide by OnSaPa™ brings the most essential parts for starting a business “On The Same Page”, so that people achieve more.

The Five Friday Questions (CW30)

What was good?

  • Signed off OKRs for Q3
  • Relaxed from vacation
  • Two applications for a side job
  • Focus work on product publication for OnSaPa
  • Read two books

What to look at in the future?

  • Don’t forget to put OKRs into clockify
  • Update Smartphones for less distraction

What was shitty?

  • Nothing

What should stay as it is?

  • Simplification
  • Relaxation

What was neglected?

  • Nothing




I love to help people achieve more ✨

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Otto Wanders

Otto Wanders

I love to help people achieve more ✨

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