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Weekly & Quarterly Report CW 26

365 days running — 4200 videos are ready to create “year lapses.”

It seems that nobody else was stupid enough to run the same route for a year with a headcam to capture year time-lapses. I liked the idea, and I am excited to share this first scene with you!

In January 2019, I started to go for a run every day because I wanted to become a better person that keeps commitments. After a year, I was impressed that I statistically climbed Mount Everest three times with just ~77 meters elevation climb per day.

This inspired me to make a running video to encourage people that consistent small steps every day lead to significant achievements. So I went running for another year with a head-mounted camera.

With 4200 videos on my computer, I’m prepared to edit many year time-lapses and bring them together to an inspirational video. And I’m totally aware: This will take me a lot of time.

While capturing the videos for this long-term project, I ran into five-figure debts. My start-up was too young to get financial support during the pandemic, and clients couldn’t pay anymore. Then my co-founder decided to quit with a pay-out. I had to determine if I let down our clients or attack these terrible times and work through them.

This running project has been a great support because even with a headache, diarrhea, or hangover: It showed me that it’s possible to move things forward every day, even if times are painful and shitty. So I faced it and followed through. While I’m still working out of this challenging situation, I’d love to find support from the art community to spend more time finishing this project. Whatever support comes in for these first frames of the video, you move production forward faster. And I’m grateful for that.

It’s was time to review and set new OKRs.

First of all: I keep up with Medium posts

In the past weeks, I shared 13 FridayReports. I read them and put all Five Friday Questions into a sheet. Especially the «What to look at?»-question shows what to attack in Q3. After this second quarter, I’m ready to put OnSaPa’s clarified offering into a visible form so that I can start trading with the next circle of customers. The reviews show over and over again that OnSaPa is becoming my main business. I keep up these Medium posts on Friday’s because some of the content is useful for me to recycle for copywriting and branding OnSaPa. I’m aware that very few people are reading this, but even if it’s useful for one person—I want to share tips and work methods in the third quarter to share more value with you, such as:

  • How to find your purpose in life and work
  • How to become a commitment pro
  • How to brief designers as a Start-Up
  • How to balance dreams and actions
  • Methods to stay On The Same Page
  • How to work with SWOT & OKRs

And the list goes on…

The same OKR-score of 0.54 in Q2

In both quarters, two and three, I scored 0,54 on my OKRs. I don’t like to see that there is no improvement in the number. But I felt it to be worse before I measured it. The score made me actually smile when I saw I hit the same number as in the previous quarter. For the next quarter, I’m going to call the mission “Go Lazer Mode”. I want to achieve a better score, but more importantly, I want to focus only on the things that will make a real difference. There are only two projects I’m going to attack:

At the moment, the OnSaPa website is like a super minified digital business card. We created the website to exist digitally, but it doesn’t show any offering or product. To make OnSaPa my main business, I’m going to make the offering in quarter three visible. After my co-founder did his exit in December, I needed time to find out if and how I would run the company myself. After testing the MVP of our services, I feel confident to take the next step to make this my main business. Of course, I keep up 1A customer relations with the current partners.

I’m guiding our first partner with his business since September 2020. We created a StrategyGuide and (re)designed his company structure. Since we went into Phase B, setting the StrategyGuide into action, his company made monthly improvements in numbers and quality. We ended the second quarter with positive cash flow, and he is ready to grow in quarter three. During the time working together, lots of connecting ideas spark. The Wandergalerie is one of those ideas. I keep you posted, what will happen during this quarter.

NFTs, art and social media

I don’t like that NFTs, art and social media takes so much time and creates almost no return on this time investment. Especially being active on social media feels like a loss of momentum for me personally. I think it makes much more sense to pay influencers or do it like Starbucks: Make customers do the marketing like in this video below:

I want to improve my life quality and step back on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter for this quarter. I know all these apps are built to make us very addictive, and they will distract me from my “Go Lazer Mode”-Mission. I think I will post my daily artworks from a safe space, such as the later app, without interacting or scrolling or checking messages so many times a day. It just doesn't create value, and it prevents me from achieving more.

Finally: Going on a road trip for two weeks

It’s time to take a break for me before I attack the new quarter’s objectives and key results. When I think about the exciting new quarter, I can’t wait to start. But my body feels drained. As soon when I work on a task, I feel rejected by my body. So my mind wants to do, to create, but my body wants to chill. So let’s do it 😊 !

The Five Friday Questions (CW26)

I end every week with a Friday Report and five questions, as we implemented it at OnSaPa GmbH to keep a consistent feedback relation.

What was good?

  • Six hours OKRs deep dive last Saturday with Alessia
  • Signed off the StrategyGuide with our partner (BON)
  • Measured and prepared OKRs with our partner (ACT)
  • Reviewed all my Friday Reports on Medium
  • Set my new OKRs for Q3
  • Created a collab-artwork with Noah Becker
  • Guided my brother with his yearly skydive event
  • Created and published the first year time-lapse scene
  • Sorted 4200 running videos (I guess last week?!)

What to look at in the future?

  • Don’t waste time on addictive apps, also called “infinity holes.”
  • Focus writing on OnSaPa’s services and values
  • Do art and NFTs as energizing free-time activities. Take out the pressure!
  • Share tips that help people in the community achieve more
  • Enter the third quarter by publishing my Q3 OKRs

What was shitty?

  • Feeling drained for a holiday. So happy the road trip starts on Monday!

What should stay as it is?

  • Building, reflecting, improving
  • My relentless drive to build lasting businesses

What was neglected?

  • nothing

That’s it for post #14 — I will be back by the end of July.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday!



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