Trust the Flow

Otto Wanders
2 min readJan 31, 2022

Weekly Report CW5

It’s Monday again. The more interesting my life becomes, the faster time goes by. But when looking back, it feels like I’ve lived more days than there actually were. It’s an exciting feeling that comes up on these Monday reflections. During this session, I measure what tasks I’ve achieved and give it a number. I’ve reached 0.77 of 1 this week, which is quite good, but I aim to get it closer to 1.0. This way of measurement comes from the OKRs. A Key Result is measured by 0 to 1. Imagine you achieve 9 of 14 tasks. Then you have to divide 9 by 14 to get your result (0.64).

When setting new tasks for the upcoming week, I check if they are aligned with my quarterly OKRs. I want to ensure that these proactive tasks that I set for the week contribute to the bigger goals. From there, I trust in the flow and measure one week later the results and put new ones.

The closer I get my predictions to 1.0, the better. But as John Doerr writes about measuring OKRs, you shouldn’t over-or underachieve. A 0.8 is the Google standard. If you reach higher, you underestimate yourself. If you get lower, you overestimate yourself. Set goals ambitious enough, but not unreachable.

My measurement shows 0.77, then 0.74 and 0.77 in the past three weeks. Let’s see where I get it the following Monday.

Creating templates for you

I practice different methods myself and with my business partners. A goal for the end of 2022 is to make templates available for you that work. All these templates have one goal: To help people achieve more. Track sheets give a crazy boost in following through. Many track apps exist, but our phones are a giant distraction trap. The track sheets I’m using are simple printouts on paper. They hang next to my computer screen where I see them every day. And making an entry goes quick with only a dot. I’d love to have a function to capture them and have an app to archive progress. But to measure, it’s way more accessible without the phone or software.

I’m looking forward to creating these kinds of templates for you and other people.

What was good?

  • Achieved 0.77 of my weekly goals
  • Did OnVentures on Tuesday morning rather than skipping it
  • Finalized Yearly/Quarterly OnSpeed with WOP
  • I brought my partner and contributor on the same page
  • I received great feedback for the motion department processes
  • OSP received payments
  • The NFT Collab KR is almost finished
  • The financial meeting for an event was good
  • Set up new contracts for sublet rent

What to look at in the future?

  • Make sure to spend a total of 16 hours on part-time-job
  • Create OnSpeed Miro-Template for yearly / quarterly
  • Make sure to stay focused with OnSpeed partners that mind travel
  • Focus on more motion freelance projects
  • Create funding documents for partners and projects
  • Set calendar blocks for holiday/quarterly & yearly OnSpeed sessions

What was shitty?

  • nothing

What should stay as it is?

  • pace

What was neglected?

  • The funding document